For The Man On The Go

Made out of genuine Italian leather, our handcrafted card holders are elegant, sleek and practical. No bulkiness messing up your suit or your look. Perfect for the modern gentleman.

The Minimalist Card Holder
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Never Worry About Unsightly Bulk

We made sure to keep the design slim and the wallet light, so it never gets stuck in your suit or trouser pocket. Seams are made strong to withstand even the highest demands of daily life.


Unique — Just Like You

We are committed to ensuring an environmentally friendly production. Our leather undergoes 100% natural tanning processes without any added chemical additives. This makes each piece unique in its appearance and scent and will gracefully age in time.


Made For The Long-Term

Fabric inlays makes each individual card slot more resistant than regular card slots. While the middle slot fits a few stray coins, though we recommend, not to overload it with coins or too many cards in order to maintain the flat design and firm hold.


Keep Your Data Safe

Designed to fit snugly in your wallet, our highly effective RFID Blocker will keep your data safe. Just add-on below, to make sure you never lose your data.

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