Hansel Echo - the other men's fashion magazine of the 30s


Hansel Echo

The Other Men's Fashion Magazine of the 30s

Not long ago I was able to acquire by chance a hitherto unknown fashion magazine, the "Hänsel -Echo". As it turned out, it's not really a fashion magazine, but to the then works newspaper of the company "Hänsel & Co. A.-G.", which still exists today in a modified form. I would like to introduce you to this magazine today and present to you a selection of interesting fashion drawings by Harald Schwedtfeger. I will start with an outlook on the interesting company history.

The History

In 1908, Messrs. Bruno Henschke and Oswald Hänsel jointly founded the company "Henschke & Co. Hänsel Rosshaar" as part of a business cooperation. In the small German town of Forst, near the Polish border, a factory was set up and the leased distribution of insoles and stiffeners from horsehair fabrics for the clothing industry started. The production of these fabrics was perfected by Oswald with the invention of a machine for spinning an endless horsehair twist.

In 1921 a short film about this technical innovation was filmed in the production halls: "The origin of the twisted horsehair fabric. A visit to the company Hänsel & Co., Forst iL ". Unfortunately, I could not find out anything about receiving this movie.

Horsehair plays a crucial role in the traditional women's and men's tailoring, especially in the jacket production. Today, it is probably only found in custom tailoring.

Alexander Marcus Nitsche